5 Politicians Who Were Guilty Of Murder

Politicians Guilty
Image Courtesy of Tennessee Department of Correction

2. Byron Looper

Looper was clearly a man dedicated to the political game, so much so that he even legally changed his middle name from “Anthony” to “Low Tax.” He began his political career as a Democrat when he unsuccessfully ran for the Georgia House of Representatives in 1988. He would repeat that failure in 1994 when he again ran for a seat in the House of Representatives, but this time in Tennessee and as a Republican.

A decade later in 1998, Looper would seek Republican nominations for both Tennessee’s 6th congressional district and the Tennessee State Senate. Although he failed to gain the Congressional House nomination, when it came to the state senate nomination, he was unopposed. This would lead to him coming face to face with his opponent, incumbent Democratic State Senator, and career politician, Tommy Burks.

Burks had represented Putnam County in the state legislature for 28 years and in that time he had successfully won four two-year terms in the Tennessee House of Representatives and five four-year terms in the Tennessee State Senate. So he was clearly a seriously difficult opponent for Looper, who had just been indicted on 14 counts of official misconduct, theft of services, and official oppression for theft, misuse of county property, and misuse of county employees. The only way Looper was going to win this election was if something happened to Burks, and it most certainly did.

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