5 Politicians Who Were Guilty Of Murder

Politicians Guilty
Photo by ra2 studio from Shutterstock

It will come as a shock to literally no one that politicians can be guilty of being a little on the untrustworthy side. You don’t have enough digits on your hands and toes on your feet to count the number of stories you have heard about politicians being caught in a lie, misusing campaign funds, committing adultery, or caught doing some underhanded or nefarious deeds.

As we have seen since the 2020 election, many politicians are more than happy to fan the flames of election fraud to ensure they maintain their grip on power at any cost. However, there are some politicians in the world who took that grip on power and put a murder weapon in it. Here we are going to look at 10 politicians who would do anything to stay on top, even if that meant putting someone else in the ground.

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