15 Unanswered Questions About JFK’s Assassination

Unanswered Questions
Justin Newman, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

4. Why Did No One Take Action After The First Shot?

When the first shot of six came from the barrel of John Hinckley Jr’s Röhm RG 14 .22 LR blue steel revolver aimed at president Ronald Reagan, the Secret Service agents present on that day of March 30, 1981, immediately sprung into action. Strangely, when the first bullet struck Kennedy in the throat on the day of his assassination the Secret Service agents did….. nothing?

Five more seconds would pass before the second shot would fatally strike Kennedy in the head before Secret Service Special Agent Clint Hill would climb onto the car. Later interviews with Secret Service personnel would blame a culture of little to no sleep and getting crazy drunk every night and having a hangover that day as an excuse for their inaction.

That does not explain why the running boards on JFK’s car, usually in place so the Secret Service agents could shield the occupants, were retracted. Nor does it explain why the driver of Kennedy’s open-top 1961 Lincoln Continental four-door convertible limousine, Agent William (Bill) Greer didn’t immediately take evasive action.

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  1. Kassandra Miller

    What about the belief by some that Kennedy was on the verge of releasing evidence of alien contact and so his killing was to stop that?

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