15 Unanswered Questions About JFK’s Assassination

Unanswered Questions
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3. Why Wasn’t Oswald Surveilled After Returning From The USSR?

Oswald defected to the Soviet Union and arrived in Moscow on October 16, 1959, where he promptly renounced his American citizenship in a letter he wrote to the Soviet authorities. After the Kremlin rejected his pleas for citizenship, he attempted suicide. The Kremlin eventually relented and shipped him off to Minsk to work in a radio factory.

Oswald himself would later claim that he offered the Soviet authorities valuable information on America’s U2 spy plane program. By June 1962, apparently disillusioned with life behind the iron curtain, Oswald has returned to the United States with a Soviet wife, Marina Nikolayevna Oswald, and their newborn daughter June.

Given the fact that he had betrayed his country twice, firstly by defecting and secondly by offering state secrets, you would think that the FBI and the CIA would have kept a very close eye on this returning traitor. However, there are no records of the FBI putting him under surveillance or the CIA interrogating him, giving him free rein to do as he pleased, eventually shooting the president dead in Dealy Plaza just over a year later.

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  1. Kassandra Miller

    What about the belief by some that Kennedy was on the verge of releasing evidence of alien contact and so his killing was to stop that?

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