15 Unanswered Questions About JFK’s Assassination

Unanswered Questions
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15. What Did The Russians Know?

If the American authorities kept records on Lee Harvey Oswald, you can be absolutely certain the Russians did as well. And for a brief moment after the collapse of the Soviet Union, researchers had a chance to find out exactly what they did know. And it was apparently a LOT. Oswald’s KGB file has been described as “five thick volumes, plus a folder tied with shoelaces,” but most of it remains unpublished.

What we do know is the thoughts of the KGB in relation to their recent defector. They did not consider him a valuable asset and described him as a ‘poor shot’ after not fairing very well in a shooting competition held among workers at his factory. After the assassination, their records state that the KGB believed it was impossible that Oswald could have managed to kill the president.

We still don’t know what else is in the KBG files as they were restricted again just a year after the collapse in 1992, but we do know where they are. Unfortunately, that location is in the hands of Belarusian intelligence, which means we are unlikely to get access to them any time soon.

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  1. Kassandra Miller

    What about the belief by some that Kennedy was on the verge of releasing evidence of alien contact and so his killing was to stop that?

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