15 Unanswered Questions About JFK’s Assassination

Unanswered Questions
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13. What Were The CIA Keeping From The Public?

In July 2017, in accordance with a 1992 law that stated all records of the assassination must be declassified by October 26 of that year, more documents were released to an eager public. Unfortunately, most of what was released were already known, but there was one tantalizing tidbit of information discovered. What the CIA was saying publicly was quite different from what they have been discussing privately.

In public, the CIA embraced the idea of a lone gunman felling the most powerful man in the world, but behind the scenes, they were more on the side of a conspiracy. By who? Well, that depends who you ask as some agents leaned towards the Soviets or as retaliation from the Cubans for the many attempts on Castro’s life. While others believed that it might have been a rogue element within their own ranks, which opens up a whole new can of worms.

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  1. Kassandra Miller

    What about the belief by some that Kennedy was on the verge of releasing evidence of alien contact and so his killing was to stop that?

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