15 Unanswered Questions About JFK’s Assassination

Unanswered Questions
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10. Why Are So Many Oswald Documents Missing?

Just like the aforementioned autopsy notes inexplicably burned by Dr. Humes, there are many more records and important documents that have seen that same fate or just disappeared completely. Just a few of the documents we as the public would like to see are a note that Oswald penned to the FBI, the US Army Intelligence file on Oswald, and the Secret Service notes on JFK’s canceled trip to Chicago we mentioned earlier.

Although not definitive, there is some evidence to suggest that after the assassination the Marine Corp, of which Oswald had been a member, launched its own investigation but not a shred of paperwork has ever surfaced about that.

One of the biggest paper related mysteries is a story told by historian and journalist James Reston Jr. He claims that Secret Service agent Mike Howard told him that after the assassination, they raided Oswald’s apartment and found a notebook written by the assassin. One particular page was of interest as the heading was ‘I WILL KILL,’ followed by a hit list with the name of a general, an FBI agent, Richard Nixon, and JFK’s passenger on the day of the shooting, Governor John Connally.

Many have cited this as evidence that Oswald was in fact trying to assassinate Governor John Connally, not JFK. Whether this is true or not we might never know because that page has been torn from the notebook and has been missing ever since.

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  1. Kassandra Miller

    What about the belief by some that Kennedy was on the verge of releasing evidence of alien contact and so his killing was to stop that?

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