10 Interesting Facts from U.S. Election History

Election History
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The election cycle is upon us again and ever since Congress decided that January 7, 1789, would be the date that states would put forward candidates for the first ever presidential election, which of course George Washington won on February 4, Americans have enjoyed the democratic process every four years.

Some of the elections in our 245 years old history have thrown up some dramatic events, such as George Bush and Al Gore’s controversial recount in 2000 or more recently the divisive and vitriolic battle between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton for the White House. However, drama isn’t the only thing the elections have conjured, as over the last century and a half there have been some rather strange strategies, events and even the odd weird candidates.

So here we are going to look at 10 interesting, and in some cases bizarre, facts you probably didn’t know about our election history.

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