10 Celebrities Who Went Into Politics

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Celebrities and politics have had a long history in 20th and 21st American society. You can go back as far as the 1920s to see the most famous people of the day putting their support behind politicians running for office. Al Jolson considered the world’s greatest entertainer at the time, and the celebrated silent movie star Mary Pickford both lent their support and considerable reach and influence to get behind presidential candidate Warren G. Harding in the lead-up to the 1920 election. A race he would go on to win.

With the rise in celebrity activism in the 1960s and 1970s and a distinct fall in trust for professional politicians, it wasn’t long before the celebrities themselves began running for political office in the United States. Celebrities have a unique advantage by already being a known face, but which famous people have taken the leap from the small screen or silver screen to the podium and the political scene. Here we look at some you definitely know about and a few you might never have known had put their names on the ballot.

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  1. Why, were our our service members the men and women that served during the cold of the cold war never given a National Defence ribbon or recognition of there service, which is enjoyed by all members currently?

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